Bees Save the Bees

  1. Bee-informed. Read as much as you can about honeybees and other pollinators! 
  2. Buy local honey. The backyard beekeeping movement is here to say! support local bee-keepers. 
  3. Mix it up. Plant bee-friendly flowers with different colors, shapes and bloom times. 
  4. Don’t spray it! Avoid using herbicides or pesticides in the garden. Ladybugs, spiders, and praying mantises will naturally keep pest populations in check.
  5. BeeSweet. Did you know that I donate money from the sale of my lemonade to organizations fighting hard to save the honeybees. Visit my Where to Buy page and Buy a Bottle, Save a Bee! 
  6. Share the Buzz. Bee-friend me on Facebook. Share my facts, stories and videos. Social media is an awesome way to help spread the word.

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